New Lounge in Dublin T1

Following the closure of the BMI lounge in T1 at Dublin, the DAA are reporting that they are opening a new temporary lounge while the old BMI lounge is being redeveloped  The lounge is the old Gold Circle Lounge in the 300s gates which makes a lot of sense as that where the majority of its users would be departing from on British Airways, Lufthansa and others.

Passenger lounge in Terminal 1

The spacious new facility will temporarily replace the existing T1 lounge spaces, which are closing for major redevelopment. The temporary lounge is situated in the upper pavilion of the 300 Gates area – formerly known as Pier B – and can be accessed by lift or stairs adjacent to the Gate Clock Bar and Wrights of Howth.

The existing BMI lounge in Terminal 1 will close from today. Work is scheduled to begin in January on a major redesign of the terminal’s lounge facilities.

The new temporary lounge is located in the former Aer Lingus Gold Circle Lounge at Pier B. It will be used by business class and other qualifying passengers flying with British Airways, Lufthansa, Swiss and Turkish Airlines, all of whom depart from the 300 Gates. Lounge access can also be purchased by passengers of all airlines regardless of ticket type.

DAA’s head of Executive Lounges and VIP, Loreto O’Byrne said it had been necessary to create an alternative lounge space while the upgrade works are being carried out. “Although this is a temporary lounge, it’s a beautiful space here and we turned it around in just four weeks.”

The new permanent lounge space, which will open next year, will cover 414 square metres and will have in excess of 120 seats. It will also have a family area and a specific outdoor area will also be set aside for smokers. It is expected that the new refurbished and upgraded T1 lounge will be in operation by the end of next March.

The use of  DAA lounges at Dublin Airport has increased significantly this year, according to O’Byrne. T1 lounge use is almost three times higher than the previous year, while business in T2 has doubled.

Passenger lounge in Terminal 1


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