New US service to Shannon

In addition to recent announcements about new Dublin routes from USA, a new route will be started between Shannon and Philadelphia next summer. Operated by US Airways it is a resumption of a route that operated 4 years ago. The service, which will commence on May 22nd next, will generate an additional 30,000 passengers through the airport next year and provide a welcome boost for the West of Ireland in terms of business connections and increased tourism numbers.  It is also timely in that it will open up another key inbound destination to the West of Ireland in support of overall efforts for The Gathering in 2013.The new flights to Philadelphia – the sixth most populous city in the US – will operate on a daily basis with a two-class 176 seat Boeing 757 aircraft.  The service will run from May 22nd to September 3rd, departing Shannon at 11.35am daily, arriving in Philadelphia at 2.05 p.m. local time.  The return flight leaves Philadelphia at 9.05 p.m., arriving in Shannon at 8.40 a.m. the following day. The US Airways service to the historic city and modern-day economic powerhouse will also use Shannon Airport’s US Preclearance facility, thus ensuring speedy access on arrival in the US for all passengers and those making connecting flights beyond Philadelphia.

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